Water Quality

Whole-House Water Filtration and Water Softener Systems.

Water Filtration and Softener Systems for Cleaner, Softer Water for Your Family and for Your Home.


We have a long list of things to be proud of in Las Vegas, but hard water that is contaminated with pesticides, chemicals, carcinogens, and oils put our families and homes at risk – and can literally leave a bad taste in our mouths. Because family and home mean everything to Nevadans, so should our water quality.

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Make the Right Water Quality and Filtration Choice for Your Home

Imagine healthier water that replenishes rather than destroys: odorless, fresh-tasting, less contaminants, and less build-up in your pipes and appliances. Some of our water quality solutions like our Whole House Water Softeners, Regenerating Carbon Filters, and Block Carbon Filters can even help reduce the severity of eczema and psoriasis.

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