Water Leak

Water leaks can occur anywhere.   No matter how big or small, Plumbing Repair Now by CCE will find and repair them.


Tracking down a water leak can be a tricky thing.  Leaks have a pesky way of revealing themselves through damage to your walls, flooring, cabinetry and even furniture.   Also, to make matters worse, the source of the leak may be far from the water damage you see.

However, water leaks can hide from our professional plumbers.   We will find and repair them.

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Where Can a Water Leak Occur?

Plumbing lines travel throughout the walls and floors of your home. Leaks can occur just about anywhere along the lines. Roofing or foundation issues can also be the cause. No matter the source, the biggest problem with leaks is that they involve water and water travels— fast. So the spot you see on the ceiling or the loose tile you find on the floor may be far from the actual leak itself.

Most leaks start small and reveal themselves slowly, but major leaks are not as subtle. Pooling water, large spots on the ceiling, or the sound of water trickling within walls can signal catastrophic failure of pipes or the water heater. Call Plumbing Repair Now Las Vegas immediately if you experience these or any of the following issues to prevent costly damage.

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