What Steps are Involved in Changing a Gas Water Heater?

1. Drain Your Tank
The first thing that you need to do is shut off both the water and gas supply. Drain the water heater completely by attaching a garden hose to the drain valve.

2. Disconnecting the Gas and Water Lines
Disconnect your gas and water supply lines attached to the water heater. Starting with the gas line, you can remove the lines by using pipe wrenches. The water lines can be removed above the tank using adjustable wrenches.

3. Detaching the Gas Exhaust
Simply by removing the screws from the vent connected to the water heater, you’ll be able to detach the gas exhaust. Now, you’ll be able to remove the water heater. You can now install the new water heater in an area where you have 6 inches of clearance around and access to the burners and controls. Level the water heater and connect the flute hat to the gas vent.

4. Install Heat Trap Fittings and Water Lines
Using Teflon tape wrapped around the threads, connect the fittings according to the direction of the arrows. Connect the blue fitting to the cold-water inlet and red to the hot water outlet using pipe wrenches or pliers. Next, cut the water lines to the appropriate length and reconnect them to the water heater.

5. Connect the Gas Supply Lines and Check for Leaks
Apply piping compound to the threads of the pipes and connect them using pipe wrenches. Once you’ve tightened the fittings, install the union fitting to connect the new and existing lines together.

6. Light the Pilot and Turn Water Heater On
Turn the water of the tank on along with a couple of water faucets to let any air out. Test the gas lines for leaks and light the pilot. Finally, turn the water heater to the on position.

Remember it is imperative to follow the local Las Vegas water heater codes to keep your home safe.

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